How do I get paid, after I sell you a house?

How do I get paid, after I sell you a house?

Great question! You have 2 options — the title company can [a] give you a check at closing (or overnight you a check, if you are doing a remote closing*), OR [b] you can choose to do a wire. A wire is the fastest and best way to get your money.  I would say most of our clients choose the option of doing a wire. If YOU are ready to get paid cash on your house -> call us today at 972-514-7355. =)

* a remote closing, is when you are located outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx metro area, and not able to come into the title office to close. In that case the title company sends a mobile notary to you to close, or you get documents notarized at a local bank & Fedex the originals back to the title company

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